St. Tropez Gradual One Minute Tan

Last week I was kindly sent the new St. Tropez Gradual One Minute Tan. Initially was very skeptical as to how on earth a tan take hold after only one minute and be ready to wash off? After reading through the press release it was made apparent that although it is marketed as a one minute tan, it is advised to let it set on clean, dry skin for 2-5 mins in order to achieve a deeper glow, which is still a fairly reasonable and impressionable promise given the short amount of time required. I first used St. Tropez tan about 10 years ago, and although I liked it, my 16 year old self couldn’t afford to keep up Jones’ with my little part time job salary. This brand is certainly more expensive and high end in comparison to others on the market, nonetheless it has been around a while now and stood the test of time to be regarded as a reputable name despite newer brands of tan launching left right and centre every year. I suffer with sensitive skin, and I am prone to eczema in patches on my neck, arms and legs so I always worry if a tan will aggravate this issue for me. I was very surprised not to experience any stinging or itchiness on application, and thankfully there was zero reaction throughout my daily use of it. Now, I have to underline daily , as initially I read the product info wrong, and assumed if I applied it once, I wouldn’t need to reapply to see a gradual tan appear for the days to follow (idiot, I know! I was only in from work and was tired to say the least!) The product maintains that with daily application for at least 3 days you will notice the tan intensifying, which I did notice. It’s not a very obvious ‘in your face’ tan by day 3, but I certainly looked sun kissed and with a healthy golden glow (even Ben commented on how I managed it as he is used to me going to bed smothered head-to-toe in tan looking mahogo!) * no filters used obviously but I can’t control the daylight in the pics, each were taken my bathroom at similar times during the day *I made certain that I applied to clean exfoliated skin. As there is no colour to guide you, you need to be really quick to work with it. It pumps out as a white mousse and once rubbed on using a mitt it resembles whipped cream; in saying that though it seeps into the skin very quickly so you need to be fast in order to see where you have and haven’t applied to avoid streaks (which I did have ever so slightly on my inner arm by day 3, but I assume practice will make perfect with the formula) Overall, I am impressed with this tan. It’s so handy to find something that I don’t have to sleep with on overnight in order for it to develop. As a busy mother I loooove that this can be applied and showered off during a nap-time! There is no biscuity smell from it, yet there is a very light yet pleasant scent which disappears after showing, it also didn’t transfer onto my bed sheets which is a always a huge plus! It is a Vegan friendly formula and is enriched with Jojoba esters and Vitamin E which makes is nice and moisturizing. Given the tiny amount of time required to use this, it’s so handy to either use as a daily tan or perhaps apply to a tan you already may have on a day or two to give it a little boost. It retails at €19.99 and is available at Cloud10Beauty and selected pharmacies nationwide.

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